Thursday, July 08, 2004

The Most Liberal Ticket Ever?

Bill O'Reilly (I know, easy target) has anointed Kerry-Edwards the "Most Liberal Ticket Ever."

He says they are more liberal than Mondale-Ferraro (and I guess, implicitly, Carter-Mondale in '76). He argues on the basis of the rating that each Senator got from Americans for Democratic Action.

Of course, O'Reilly doesn't provide ADA ratings for Mondale or Ferraro, so it is unclear how he is using their ratings for Kerry and Edwards to determine that they are the most liberal. Mondale actually rates a 90, substantially similar to Kerry (at 92) and more liberal than Edwards (at 81). Ferraro, despite being a NY Congresswoman, is not rated on ADA.

So Mondale-Ferraro was probably at least as liberal as Kerry-Edwards, if not more liberal. What about Carter-Mondale? Despite running on a fairly moderate program, Carter's agenda was certainly what we would call liberal: national health care, resistance to big ticket military expenditures (the B-1, in this case), environmentalism, and medical cost controls.

Of course, we can probably find some pretty liberal tickets if we go farther back, too. McGovern-Eagleton/Shriver? Either of Adlai Stevenson's campaigns?

It seems a dubious assertion, to say the least.


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