Thursday, October 28, 2004

80,000 at Madison Kerry Rally

80,000 cheer Kerry, Springsteen in Madison WSJ

At least 80,000 people greeted Sen. John Kerry and rock star Bruce Springsteen Thursday in Madison in one of the biggest rallies yet for the Democratic presidential candidate. "Even for Madison this was a huge rally, and it exceeded all of our expectations," said George Twigg, spokesman for the Kerry-Edwards campaign in Wisconsin. "It’s a good indication of the energy and momentum we have here." Most polls show Kerry running even with President Bush in Wisconsin, one of the swing states still in play this election. Kerry hit familiar themes on Thursday but also raised the issue of missing explosives in Iraq, charging that "the commander in chief didn’t do his job."

It was a good one, notwithstanding the fact that I had to pee by about 11:30, but the rally would continue for two more hours.

Best line: "When George Bush heard that I was appearing today with the Boss, he thought they meant Dick Cheney."

UPDATE: Link to article fixed. Still no good picture.

BUMP and UPDATE: Here's a great photo over at Kos.


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