Wednesday, November 10, 2004

What do you do when...

What do you do when you are about 10 pages into a 12-15 page scholarly paper and you realize that your thesis is a pile of dog crap? Not so much legally bad as something that you don't agree with?

Do you a) do the lawyer thing, and make an argument you don't agree with to show that you can, or b) do the conscience thing, and go back to the drawing board to make a new argument?

Oh, when answering, keep in mind that it is due about 1pm tomorrow. Not exactly a good time to start over, unless I want to eschew restful sleep tonight. Also keep in mind that doing the lawyerly thing may result in me agreeing with Justice Thomas in dissent (in a case decided 8-1), if that tells you anything.


Blogger Me said...

AAGH! Agree with Justice Thomas in any manner? Can you score some quick cocaine so that you can stay up all night and change your thesis?? Sigh. After writing briefs that I don't necessarily agree with, I would probably do the practical thing. But I wish I was still the person who'd stay up all night and do the "right" thing. But once those loans start to come's funny how fast values are replaced by survival... :(

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