Tuesday, February 01, 2005


I have posted in the past about certain missing persons who I feel have gotten short shrift from the media, owing to their not being pretty white girls.

I have been getting search engine hits like:

missing little girl from Milwaukee, Wisc., Alexis Patterson


where is my son amos mortier

Ouch. I can't imagine what it must be like to be in the shoes of Amos' mom or Alexis' parents. If one of my kids went missing, I would burn down the world to get him or her back, and I can imagine few torments worse than waiting for months (or even years) while resorting to searching for my child on yahoo or google.


Anonymous Tanya Dolske said...

I would just like to say that I appreciate every little bit the names of our missing people are spread! I run Wisconsin Advocates for Families of Missing People, Inc. We specialize in missing and unidentified adults. I can tell you that one of the biggest challenges we (and the family) face is the continuance of the story in the public's eye. We NEED help from everyone to NOT forget about these missing people and their families. I can also tell you that Amos Mortier's mother is one of the STRONGEST women I have ever known. She has been the driving force behind the search for her son.

Again I thank you, and if anyone should want more information on our organization or missing or unidentified adult's in Wisconsin, please visit our website at www.wafmp.org

Tanya Dolske

11:15 AM  
Blogger Jan said...

I have been doing some research on the internet and came across your blog. First of all my heart goes out to Amos Mortier's mom and family.
I too am the mom of a missing son William Smolinski Jr. who has been missing since August 24 2004. My son went missing from Waterbury, Connecticut.
Our stories are very similar and we share the same pain and anquish searching on a daily basis with almost no involvement with law enforcement. It is so easy for them to say there is an active investigation going on and they are withholding information when in actuality they become cold cases. The words appease and pacify comes to mind. I just can't help but wonder what if this were their child? It could most definately happen to any family.
In our case, because the authorities did not take this disappearance seriously we had to resolve ourselves to doing our own searches and investigation. Since Billy's disappearance I have been arrested as a criminal for hanging a flyer of my missing son, now my daughter, myself and a local journalist are being sued. Why? The reason this is all happening because we need to find Billy, there is no way we are going to stop he is part of us and there is very little help from the authorities. Even with two years of constant phone calls to police, senators, congress,governers office, atty. general, chief states atty. state police you name it has been done. We even hired private investigators.
John, has helped us tremendously writing stories and keping our story alive. He has spoken the truth but in our case there is a local politician involved, you see the last phone call my son made was on a local married politicians answering machine " to watch his back" because my son just recently discovered he was having an affair with his girlfriend. That same day Billy disappeared. Is any of these circumstances linked to his missing? We don't know, the sad thing is I have never been arrested in my life not even a parking ticket, my charges were nolled in court. Never been sued either. John, is our angel in all of this, I feel deeply sorry he now has become part of our family nightmare. America needs more journalist like him whatever happened to feedom of speech? Our country is going backwards and we are slowly loosing our freedoms, it is who you know or how wealthy you are, unfortunately if we don't express ourselves and stand up for what our rights should be we WILL loose them.
Even though Wisconsin is many miles away I feel no matter how far it be, God has put us in this sad situation to have some good come out of bad. I am here to join hands with Amos's mom if she agrees, and anyone else suffering an injustice and make a difference to help those who can't express themselves for whatever reason.
I can be reached on my son's website: www.justice4billy.com
Laws can be changed with the right approach. We cannot be bitter we need to move on. There is alot that we can accomplish.



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