Thursday, April 14, 2005

Chant overheard at the UW protest

There was a "Get The Troops Out of Iraq" protest march that ended up on Library Mall today. Professor Althouse has some pictures of the march here.

As I was walking across library mall shortly after noon, I heard the protestors chanting, "Out of Iraq, Out of our school, Troops home now!" It had a nice cadence, but the phrasing (which I assume refers to military recruiters) had me thinking, "Hmm, that's funny, I don't recall the U.S. army invading and occupying the UW-Madison campus."

Then I sat for the next few hours imagining the news stories about Lakeshore dead-enders, radical ASM clerics, improvised explosive devices crafted from bongs and empty kegs, the parallels between the Memorial Union terrace and Fallujah...

Good comedic material, there. Maybe I'll take an essay later.


Blogger ryan bradley said...

aside from the poorly worded chant(and my belief that protests are wholely ineffective), I'm a bit irked that I wasn't there.

11:18 AM  

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