Monday, May 24, 2004

Afghanistan Revelations 2

Several Afghan witnesses have come forward to identify the unit that tortured people in Abu Ghraib as the unit that tortured people at the Bagram Collection Point in Afghanistan. (Link via NY Times).

"Two men arrested with one of the prisoners who died in the Bagram Detention Center that month said in southeastern Afghanistan on Sunday that they were tortured and sexually humiliated by their American jailers; they said they were held in isolation cells, black hoods were placed over their heads, and their hands at times were chained to the ceiling."

I know it is not currently in vogue to talk about hearts and minds. I know we are supposed to be mercilessly crushing the terrorists and not worrying what the world thinks about us. But does anyone really believe that torturing a 22 year old Afghan taxi driver reduces terrorism in some way?


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