Tuesday, May 18, 2004

The Boys Next Door

I've been having problems with the boys next door. My family lives in a townhouse which is part of a block of about 6, and the two townhouses next to ours also have children, all boys (5 or 6 total).

These boys range from about 9-12 in age. They really enjoy messing around with my 7 year old girl, taking away her bike or whatever various toys she has. I went outside once today about 3:15 to ask one of them in particular to "play nice." Then I just had to go out there again, and take one of her toys from him and tell him, "we are going to have a problem if you don't leave her alone." I was very calm but firm.

Next I go to the boy's parents. Am I old fashioned to think that parents should teach their children to respect others, but particularly to teach their young boys to respect young ladies? It seems that with all the problems I always read about in the campus newspapers, teaching young men to respect young women is one of the most important things a parent can do.


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