Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Nader: Unhinged? posts the transcript of a phone conversation with Ralph Nader.

So many juicy quotes:

Nader: We're not going to play the fascist game of the two-party monopoly barricading itself from any competition, with all kinds of statutory obstruction that cost third parties immense time and money if they can surmount them. This is a dictatorship, which you don't seem to understand...


Talbot: [Conservative groups are] not just giving money. These conservative groups are working behind the scenes to get you on state ballots. You're basically saying it's all right to work with the devil, Ralph, because you've lost your perspective.

Nader: OK, now I've flushed you out. Now you've come out. I'm an expert in flushing out bias, prejudice and prejudgment. And you've demonstrated all three. Until you go after the Democrats for obstructing us with dirty tricks and using both Republican and Democratic money -- they used a Republican law firm, by the way, among their three law firms -- until you're even-handed, I will declare you hopelessly prejudiced.

To quote more would be to stretch the limits of fair use.


Blogger ryan bradley said...

that guy is psychotic. I especially love how he ended the conversation.

11:42 AM  

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