Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Ghosts of Christmas Future

A possibly-winning strategy the Democrats should probably not pursue:

The Democrats could elect not to throw up the full range of procedural roadblocks, opposing the Republican agenda only substantively and vocally. In other words, allow the successful enactment of the whole radical Republican agenda: regressive sales taxes and no corporate or income tax, tort reform so severe that plaintiffs can no longer get lawyers, complete privatization of public schools, drastic cuts in Medicare and Social Security, rampant environmental destruction, demolition of church-state separation and federalism, and preemptive military policy that isolates the United States.

In other words, no equality, no justice, and no peace.

It would take them decades to recover from that catastrophic success once its effects were seen. Unfortunately, it would probably take that long to fix the SNAFU as well.


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