Saturday, January 08, 2005

Pounding Away my Law Review article, due Monday.

I hope to weigh in early next week with posts about the creationism/intelligent design v. evolution movement, the NCLB Propaganda-gate, and the political mishandling of the war aftermath in Iraq.

Of course, I will have to pry myself away from football and video games to do it, since it will essentially be my only week off between semesters -- I've got a lot of relaxation cramming to do.

UPDATE: Still pounding. I crave human contact. The Union is very empty, owing to the fact that all the students are on break. There are some old men nearby, talking in a mysterious European accent about world history and playing chess. It makes me wish I had someone who wanted to discuss poetry or sports or politics with me for a few minutes, to make this world a little less empty, for a little while.

Enough histrionic panting. Back to work.


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