Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Stranded: of Mountains and Molehills

I'm stranded on campus with no way home for a few hours, due to the logistical vagaries of purchasing a new van. I was unwise this morning and elected for a light backpack, so I don't have enough to read to tide me over for the next 2+ hours, so I think I will take the time to have a quiet lunch and do some writing just for me while I wait.

Otherwise, I could suck it up and go to a library to find something to read.

UPDATE: Apparently this didn't post the first time (Curse you, Blogger). Anyway, I am at home now, ensconced in CivPro II reading (personal jurisdiction, yippee!). I'm actually something of a civ pro nerd. I don't find it terribly hard and there is something pleasing to me about the way that the FRCP can be tactically manipulated in service of the client.

Meta-UPDATE: The last update is not really an update, since this is the first time this post appears.


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