Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Dear Jackass

I screwed up a cite check packet. Sorry. In a completely related note, constructive criticism works, people!

What he said:
"In the future, please approach packets with the assumption that everything the author did was wrong."

What I heard:
"In the future, please approach packets with the assumption that your managing editor will be a total and complete jackass to you if you get it wrong."

What he said:
"I have to wonder...if [your Blue Book] thought you were giving it the cold shoulder while you did this packet."

What I heard:
"I have to wonder at how much free time I must have to be the Law Review social director and still have time to wonder what your bluebook thought about your cite check packet."

I would answer:
"Maybe my bluebook understands that I am taking 18 credits and I have three kids and a part time job, and that yes, I screwed up, but that no, I don't really need some jackass jumping on my back. Nickel's worth of free advice: you're a student editor, not a paying employer."

Sorry, I needed to get that off my chest so I can do some actual work, now.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't let the angry people get you down. Treasure what is real, and let others be. You are loved, and love conquers all. Everything else eventually falls away. (Even law review cite check packets.)

5:51 AM  
Blogger Matthew said...

Thanks for your words.

I posted that last night, ranted a little bit, and now I am over it. I still think that the criticism was over the top, but life goes on.

9:03 AM  
Blogger Me said...

I always hated the people who thought that law review mattered in the real world, or that it somehow made them better. Grr...

My favorite, our editor-in-chief wrote on, didn't grade on. No real distinction, except in his mind. He actually told a meeting of 1Ls "if you aren't on law review, you aren't ever going to be able to get a job." The best part - he couldn't get a job after graduation...

6:48 PM  

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