Monday, April 18, 2005

Down the Memory Hole

My son Hale confuses adjectives sometimes. In particular, he says, "Daddy, I'm boring," when he can't find anything he wants to do. I hope I never forget that.

This reminds me of something my father used to say, nay, bludgeon me with when I was young.

"Dad, I'm bored," I would complain on those small-town summer days.

"That says more about you than anything else," he would say (with a warning tone), or "That says more about you than about your options."

That's so true, but I don't think I understood it at the time. I think that's a father's job: saying important things when his children are young and impressionable that they won't understand until they're a bit older, when they would be less likely to hear it.

Anyway, the reason for this post is what I perceive to be another fatherly duty: remembering all the funny things kids say so as to have good stories later. Frost had some doozies with first pronunciations, like "fridge-a-frator" for refrigerator and "daco-done" for telephone. She loved teletubbies as much as Hale loves dinosaurs and Winter loves puppies. I have seen all three of my kids fall asleep face down in a bowl of spaghetti, each in the same white-and-green plastic baby booster chair. Each of their first birthdays featured chocolate cake. Frost and Hale did what I did as a one-year old and smeared it all over their faces. Winter was dainty; despite being probably the messiest eater of the three at that age, she ate her one-year old birthday cake neatly, with a fork.

I may never forgive her that.

Often, memory has a sweetness that approaches pain.


Blogger Jamie Dawn said...

I'll always treasure the cute things my kids said when they were little. Now that they are teenagers, we laugh about all those things they used to say and do.
You'll find out things you never knew about your kids when they get older. My "perfect" daughter told me that when we went to Disneyland when she was little, she stole a Tinkerbell figurine that I wouldn't buy for her. I never knew she did that!! Believe me, they have suprises for you. Enjoy every moment you have with them!

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