Friday, July 30, 2004 e-mail

I received this e-mail from

Subject: Want $0.95? Resell this stuff on!

Hi ,

You recently purchased the following items at How would you like the chance to earn some or all of your money back? Listing your item is fast and easy on both eBay and

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Portnoy's Complaint (Paperback, Reprint, 1994)
Philip Roth

Average Selling Price: $0.95

This cracks me up. I love, and I understand it is an automated mailing, but it is ridiculous to think that I will salivate over the prospect of recouping less than a dollar on a book I recently bought. I would rather just have the book.


Blogger ryan bradley said...

even if I didn't like the book I'd sooner throw it away than waste effort trying to sell the thing for 95 cents.

4:05 PM  

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