Thursday, August 12, 2004

Cheers! (or, where the Hell have I been?)

Sorry I have been mostly absent this week. It is the last full (official) week of my internship, and I am trying to make sure I cross all the t's and dot all the i's before I go, as I tend to have a "big picture" sensibility about my work, which causes me to miss details sometimes (should I use that in an interview for OCI? Probably not.)

I was excited today to be interviewed on "In Our Backyard" on WORT (a local community radio station). The organization where I work this summer released a study on rising drug cost burdens, and my boss wanted me to have the experience of media contact before I left. I didn't embarass myself too badly, but then, how bad could it be in a 4-minute interview on a community radio station? (Standard disclaimer: Views I have expressed on health care policy are not necessarily those of Wisconsin Citizen Action. That said, they're pretty darn close, most of the time).

I have some things I am looking forward to blogging about soon. I would like to pay more attention (personally) to the War in Iraq, a subject that I have found too depressing to delve in any substantial way. But, OP style, the media is trying to make us all forget that people are still dying daily over there, or at least they were until the offensive started in Najaf. I also want to direct you to the NYT editorial page, where Dahlia Lithwick is guest writing (and you thought I liked Ehrenreich!).

Just two weeks until we roll out the L&E Blog, where I will be student editor for "Employees." I will be writing about developments in Labor and Employment law, as you might have guessed. I got my WestClips set up, and my Eclipse search, and my Google News searches. I am looking forward to collaborating to some extent with George, from George's Employment Blawg, who saw my post here citing him as a possible source. George is running nothing less than THE premier Labor and Employment blawg, so I was very honored to be invited to contribute there as well.

In related "too much on my plate" news, I was also invited to participate on the Law Review. If you're wondering what the heck I am doing up so late, blogging, it's that I just got my letter by e-mail. I'm the tiniest bit excited, as you might imagine. Sleep may elude me for an hour or two.

In the meantime, some fine music, some good reading, and a nice, cold beer. Cheers!


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