Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Salon Revisits the Sandy Berger Story

Salon's "War Room 04" blog (you will have to click through an advertisement) takes the media to task for failing to cover Sandy Berger being cleared of all charges after devoting extensive coverage to the early investigation (and Republican speculation of further Clinton shenanigans).

Particularly striking:

At the time, Democrats noted news of the investigation, which had begun nine months earlier, was leaked to the press just two days before the release of the 9/11 commission, which was expected to be critical of the Bush administration's handling of some anti-terrorism and intelligence measures.

This really ticks me off, the way that the media permits the administration to control coverage of thorny issues by covering non-stories that are put out as a distraction.

Perhaps more accurately, I am bothered by the "although some opponents would say that the world is not round at all" coverage. Journalists should strive for objectivity and balance, except when the balance being sought is between the truth and lies. When someone is lying, or even shamelessly spinning, it's fair not to report their point of view, or to question their motives when you do.


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