Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Busy busy

Sorry, people. The first law review cite check was due yesterday, so the last few days have been hectic.

Some highlights of the last few hours and days:

Bush criticizes Kerry's Iraq remarks as sending a "dangerously mixed message" to our troops, allies, and our enemies. In contrast, I call that political discourse. I call it an election year.

I went to a session at UW Law this morning on blogging with Ann Althouse and Gordon Smith. Unfortunately, these coffee and donuts sections (sorry, Professor) are always at 8:30, and for the second semester in a row, I have a class conflict. Today it was my Evidence class, which starts at 8:50, so I was really only there for the brief introductions and the "what is a blog" discussion. Otherwise, there is no way I am missing free coffee in the morning. Doesn't happen.

Professor Althouse has a great post up that polls poets, of all people, for the correct spelling of donuts/doughnuts.

Reporters continue to abuse the word touts.

Washington Post horserace story.

Last, I heard a good song on the radio on the way home. The singer has an inauspicious name, unless you are a radical Serbo-Croatian nationalist.


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