Thursday, September 16, 2004

What a load of doodey.

This story is a load of doodey. I've worked bunches of low and medium wage hourly jobs in the last ten years. I want to know what parallel universe this columnist lives in where employers are able to deny overtime to minimum wage workers under FLSA.

I suppose the pimply-faced kid in the McDonald's drive through is being exempted in Wyoming? Let's look over the list of exempt employee categories:

Automobile Dealers
Motor Carrier
Outside sales
Seasonal Amusement
Recreational Establishments

Here's a list of the job duties that qualify someone for exempt status. I assure you that, despite the long-outmoded salary floor for exempt employees, there was not a plague of short order cooks or Wal-Mart checkers who were being classified as exempt employees to screw them out of overtime.


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