Tuesday, November 16, 2004

John Gard is Dumb.

John Gard, the Republican Wisconsin Assembly Speaker, continues to amaze with his vitriol. His target this time, local lobbyists he doesn't like:

In a closed meeting last week, Gard told his Republican colleagues to shun meetings with former Democratic Gov. Martin Schreiber and members of his lobbying firm because Schreiber raised money for the Greater Wisconsin Committee, an independent group Gard said destroyed GOP candidates' reputations and personal lives in this fall's political campaigns.

Gard said Monday he's also talked to some of Schreiber's clients. "I think he funded a terrorist organization," Gard said. "I think the Greater Wisconsin Committee . . . says nasty, personally vindictive stuff about people because they believe they can do it without anyone knowing who they are.

Sorry, accusing your political opponents of terrorism is stupid. Particularly if their terrorist activities include such dangerous activities as "say[ing] nasty, personally vindictive stuff about people."

I would like to apologize to stupid people everywhere who I may have offended by comparing them to John Gard.

(link via WSJ, which will no doubt pull the article within 48 hours)


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