Thursday, December 09, 2004

Channeling Wonkette while studying

Came across this passage in Lopez v. Silverman, 14 F.Supp.2d 405. Fun to take out of context:

The precise question in Rutherford was whether... boners who worked on the premises of a slaughterhouse were its employees for purposes of the FLSA, where the boners had been hired and were managed by a boning supervisor who had contracted separately... to establish and direct a discrete boning operation. The contract between the [employer] and the supervisor, Reed, provided that the latter would "assemble a group of skilled boners . . . who would be his employees" and over whom "he would have complete control"; that Kaiser would provide a room in its plant for the boning work... The record revealed that the boners owned their own tools; that Kaiser never attempted directly to control their hours; that Kaiser paid the boning supervisor... with the boners then sharing the proceeds; and that Kaiser's president and manager made frequent visits each day to the boning room to monitor the boners' performance and productivity.

Boning supervisor is a euphemism for a tough guy with a tricked-out ride, no doubt.

Come on, it's at least a little funny.


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Oh, no no no no!!!

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