Tuesday, January 18, 2005

First day of class

Today was the first day of class.

I've always thought that law school was exactly like high school, except that all the people at law school were the nerds and brains in actual high school. How sad, then, to be the nerd in high school qua law school, as well. The geek's geek, if you will.

I had three classes today, and in each of them, I grabbed a seat early to people-watch. Two of the classes were quite large, running from 100-150 students, the perfect size to dwell in ignominious anonymity. It's moments like that when I hear the haunting echoes of well, everyone, who has spent the last two years harping on the importance of networking in this profession. I watch as my colleagues greet each other, inquiring about the break or about class schedules or about which bar everyone is going to this week.

In six hours of class today, I didn't speak.


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