Thursday, January 27, 2005


A friend called tonight and invited me out to the local karaoke bar. Since I clearly need a night out, I made arrangements. Since I won't be doing my homework tonight, I will also not be needing to blog as a distraction.

My friend, bless his soul, aspires to be a musician/actor but couldn't carry a tune in a bucket. His atonal wailing is particularly funny when I've had a beer or two, but I can't tell you how much I admire his courage. Despite the hilarity, I'm too busy applauding the balls it takes to stand up there and sing with no talent whatsoever to laugh. This man goes to this bar every Thursday and sings four or five times. He's a regular. He was home schooled when he was growing up, so he never had any music classes when he was young. Listening to him sing is one of the best arguments for formal education that a person could make.

I think tonight I might sing, too. I have a fairly deep singing voice, which unfortunately puts much of popular music out of my range. I keep meaning to learn Barry White, except that every time I try I remember that I don't really like Barry White. There are certainly embarassing stories to come.


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