Monday, February 14, 2005

Moderating the voice

I have kids, and one of the most difficult things to teach them (due to noisy inlaws) is that that most of the time it is not appropriate to shout when talking at a reasonable volume is feasible. Good examples of this include dinner or when Winter is taking a nap.

To which I feel I should add: discussions of hotly-contested issues! See this article about the struggle to make Emergency Contraception available over the counter:

“Pro-Life Wisconsin believes that this campaign is reckless and absolutely counter-conscious [of health] for today’s young women,” Peggy Hamill, the organization’s state director, asserted.

She added if emergency contraception is produced over-the-counter, “we’ll see an increase in the already out-of-control STD epidemic.”

Instead of viewing emergency contraception as a beneficial tool for rape victims, Hamill identifies the drug as an actual facilitator of sexual assault.

Putting EC in every woman’s medicine cabinet will only be a green light for perpetrators of rape,” Hamill said.

I shudder to think what one must believe about men to think that many men are potential rapists who are deterred only by the fear of their victim getting pregnant. In Ms. Hamill's mind, we men secretly think to ourselves, "Wow, if I knew she had emergency contraception easily available, I would totally rape her!"


Anonymous LIH said...

Or what must they think of women? Is the logical extension of this that women who use birth control pills are just "asking for it" if they get raped?

5:33 AM  
Blogger Matthew said...

That's a great point.

Perhaps they think much of people's ability to control themselves.

6:25 AM  

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