Thursday, March 31, 2005

Matt's Family Wellness Update, part 75

It feels to me like half of the posts on Object Permanence for the last few months have been variations on "My son/daughter is sick."

Well, she is. Winter has had a nasty rotovirus since Monday night, which culminated in her being admitted to the hospital yesterday for intravenous fluids and an overnight stay. My poor little one year old, tiny little Winter, had to be held down so they could stick a tiny, baby-sized needle in her arm and pump her full of fluids. I find it curiously hard to express the feeling I have when I look at her wandering around a three-foot circle, leashed to an adult-sized IV stand. She's contagious enough that they won't allow her out of the room in the children's wing of the hospital. She's stir-crazy.

Long story short: sorry I've been away. Stuff's going down that requires my attention.


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