Wednesday, December 29, 2004

To my 10 or so readers: Status

Sorry folks. I have been absent longer than I intended.

First, Christmas was as crazy as you might expect. I'd say it was good, except that I got hit with some mutant strain of flu and spent most of the last four days in bed. Delightful!

Now I have about 12 days to write the first draft of my law review submission. The research is mostly done, and I wrote an introduction last semester, but that leaves a lot of ground to cover. Worse, I'm not able to shake the feeling that my original thesis is not correct, so I am struggling to reformulate without junking the whole project.

I expect that blogging will be somewhat light while I work through the project, although I will come and blow off steam periodically, mostly by talking about poetry and music.

With kind regards,


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