Friday, January 28, 2005

"Next Blog" Greatest Hits #2

We go to a blog titled "What the Hell is Wrong with You?" and charmingly subtitled "Just a general blog about how funny it is to watch stupid people do stupid stuff to themselves and then sit and wonder why."

Surprisingly, the lead post ("Edward Kennedy blows goats") proves that his subtitle is not without meaning:

The following is my emailed letter to Senator Edward Kennedy(D)-MA:

You are the single most disgusting, treasonous pig in the history of this country, unless you wish to include Jane Fonda or Benedict Arnold. Saying the US military presence as part of the problem is like you blaming Dewars scotch for the drowning of Miss Kopechne (oh yeah, you never DID take responsibility did you?).

The single, most disgusting, treasonous pig in the history of this country.

I'd say that gross, hyperbolic ad hominem attacks directed against a sitting U.S. Senator over a speech he gave might be a good example of stupid people doing stupid stuff to themselves, but I guess that the continued popularity of Ann Coulter undercuts my analysis.

Ah, the "Next Blog" button. What new gem will you yield up today?


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