Saturday, April 23, 2005

Good morning lottery

My first exam is a week from today, and there isn't a single class that I feel like I have a handle on this morning. So, preparing to study, I decided to make an extra strong pot of coffee. I grabbed the bag of french roast beans, and.. oh, crap. There are like three beans in the bag.

Starting to panic now, I start to dig through the freezer in search of some long forgotten bag of Kona or some remnant of a bag of Starbucks Verona. And then, at last, I found it: a small bag of Steep & Brew beans, flavor unlabeled.

My dilemma: my mother lives with me and only drinks decaf. She usually labels her beans. Usually. So now I'm happily sipping coffee and working on my Civ Pro II outline, wondering if today is the day when studying interpleader will cause me to fall into a caffeine deprivation-induced coma.

Say a prayer for me now.


Blogger ryan bradley said...

ahhahahahaha. you are so much worse than I am.

9:22 AM  

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