Monday, May 02, 2005

No, I'm not dead

Just in the midst of finals. Next up: Administrative Law, Thursday.

I took my Trusts and Estates final on Saturday. It was the final that I was probably the most nervous about, owing to the fact that I hadn't actually read half the textbook as of about Wednesday last week. Normally, I'm not that law student, the one that has to cram at the end of the semester. This semester, though, I had two separate revisions of my Comment and an 18 credit schedule, so something had to give.

The exam went pretty well; no surprises, and I felt like I was able to spot the issues. When I handed in the exam, I was a little surprised to be handed a yellow slip of paper by the proctor. I'll paraphrase:

Some students may have had access to this exam before the test period. If you are one of these students, we urge you to report it to the main office by noon. We will not assume that your access was intentional. Failure to report yourself will be considered a serious breach of professional ethics.

Are you kidding me? Someone may have cheated and we're using the honor system to protect the curve?

From the message, it seems likely that the exam was somehow posted on the Internet or left lying around, since it was possible that someone saw it accidentally. I imagine that's how they found out that it was out there: some honest student saw it and told them.


Anonymous Lisa said...

I know! What I want to know is when did they find out and how hard would it have been to change at least a few questions on the exam beforehand--particularly the ones where we didn't have to write essays but only fill in a number "showing your work is optional."

4:37 PM  
Blogger Matthew said...

You have to sort of feel bad for their position, now. 100 or so students, maybe half of them graduating 3Ls; and not just any students, law students. They can't make everyone retake the exam (no time before graduation); they can't just give everyone A's, or throw out the curve; and the status quo is unacceptable. If I end up getting a B or C because someone else had the answers, I'm going to be upset.

4:43 PM  

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